Playing Poker Via Mobile Android

Online poker games using original money initially can only be played with a computer or laptop. But the statement is no longer valid for now with the development of technology allows playing poker betting via android phone. You can play every time there is free time and no need to wait to get home. Due to the ease of using a smartphone-sized that can be inserted into a pocket or pants.

Talking about the android version, you need not worry because online poker does not need high-level versions or high-capacity RAM. With a large 1 gb of RAM, can already enjoy the poker game until satisfied. While the android phone version that can be used starting from versions 1.0, 1.6, up to 6.0. It will be fun, you with old android version does not need to buy a new smartphone or upgrade it. Find your online gambling guide at cara bermain domino qq and you will find everything you need such as the basic of gambling etc.

Stages In Playing Poker Via Mobile Android

Smartphone is on hand but do not yet understand what needs to be done if playing poker via android phone. In order to know the important stages you should listen to the explanation below. Look carefully if later there is something that has not been understood can ask directly to customer service.

Visit the website address
Try to open the android phone, is there a browser? If already there then visit the poker site address through the browser. When entering a site address properly note the author.

Download the poker app
After visiting the site address, select download poker app according to android smartphone. Because there are two versions that is for android and ios. The download takes a while. Wait until it is complete then choose install to smartphone.

Open the downloaded app. Then there will be the login menu display, you must enter the ID and password. If you still do not have one account, you can register directly by visiting the website. Due to this application can not be used as registration.

Choose a poker game
After a successful login there will be a further display that is some game options. Choose an online poker game. After that can choose a room with different betting levels. We recommend choosing a room that is still loose and in accordance with your capital. Then look for an empty and strategic seat to occupy in order to bring the victory.

Notice This If Unable To Install Poker Via Mobile Android

When installing an application you may never find it difficult. Because there are obstacles found when downloading poker app via android phone that is not able to perform the installation process. This is because the poker game is gambling bet, so poker application is considered dangerous when it does not damage the system in your android smartphone.

Generally the installation will fail and the unknown resource information will appear. If you encounter the problem, this is the solution. First, go to the settings menu> general> security and look for unknown sources then you check. Easy enough is not how to fix it. You note first the smartphone settings menu before downloading the application.